Set up NAS at students dormitory

I always use NAS(Network Attached Storage) Server to store and backup my important data (my programming file) or save mobile space (daily photo). And also transfer file from all my drive(I have 4 computers and 3 mobile). NAS is beneficial and convenient. So I bring a NAS from China to Australia, but I meet many problems on set up NAS. The main problem is there is no local area network at students dormitory, even there has WIFI everywhere. Because their WIFI doesn’t allow the computer communication throws intranet.

At first, I ask the management office can I use the LAN interface on the wall. The manager told me that the interface was ban, no one can use it. So I bought a WIFI USB adapter connect with NAS, but it does not work. Because my NAS does not support the WIFI USB adapter, and also dormitory wifi network need login to use.

Then, I bought a mini PC to build up a soft routing network, That needs a little bit hands-on ability. You need to install the soft routing network system(I use OpenWRT). I choose soft routing because it can share the network it has. It works, and I succeeded to connect my NAS. But I meet a new problem, The soft routing shares its network but not in the local area network. So it was very slow(300ms+ delay).

That show how important to set up a local area network. Finally, I bought a wireless router(I bought a lot of things). That wireless router will share network from soft routing and connect the NAS and my other computers or mobiles. Because it is a local area network, so I connect the NAS and upload or download file very fast. It not like wide area network need to cross Sydney(and make speed slow).

That all things spend me about 20 days, including waiting for amazon shipping, and it also took me a lot of money(about A$700). But I think all of that work is worth it.

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