The different between macOS and Windows

Last month, I bought a MacBook Pro and contacted macOS. That was my first time to use macOS because I am a big fan of Microsoft, I believe that macOS is worth than Windows. After this month’s use of macOS experience, It becomes my second main computer. Although macOS not as good as Windows, it has many highlights and in some certain sense better than Windows.

File system

The main difference is the File system. Windows use windows document management scheme. Which means file name start as local disk id, such as “C:\text.txt”. But macOS use UNIX document management scheme, for example “/Macintosh HD/text.txt”. And also it uses Mount, like “~” is mean your home folder. That will make users confused. And, Mac hidden directory path and don’t want user know where the folder is. In Windows, the directory path is shown on the top of the file manager.


It is complicated to use the mouse in macOS. Moving the mouse is not smooth with strange uncomfortable. But the touchpad was surprised me, it very easy to use and it has a lot of shortcuts. As a comparison, Windows’ touchpad is not easy to use and unable to accurately move or click. Before I am using mac keyboard, I heard that mac’s keyboard is hard to use with a horrible typing feeling. (This Learning Journal writes on macOS) Actually, it not bad as I heard that. The only things I feel uncomfortable is “Copy shortcut” is ctrl+C in windows but command+C in macOS.

Don’t have some Software and Games.

Windows have much software that macOS doesn’t have, and macOS doesn’t have many games. Because macOS doesn’t support Nvidia GPU and macOS get very poor compatibility. That makes many software developers or game developers choose Windows but not macOS.

Overall, in this use macOS experience. It changes my impression on macOS, macOS has merit. But if let me choose only one system to use, I will select Windows.

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