How to make a wonderful presentation

There are many essential points to make the presentation became excellent, such as prepare a demonstration document, plan the speech, pre speak to friends, and so on. In this learning journal, is about how to make an excellent demonstration document.

Identify the central theme.

A define central theme is significant to make a demonstration document; if a demonstration doesn’t have a clear thesis, will build the audience be puzzled.


Whenever mentioned presentation demonstration document, people always recall “Microsoft PowerPoint”, which a software often be used in the presentation. As far as I’m concerned, Lineput is better than PowerPoint, Because PowerPoint is too garish for performance. By contrast, Lineput doesn’t have so many impracticality functions. 

Special effects

Have some special effects is suitable for the listener to force on your presentation and let listener interests because listen to performance is Very Boring. But too garish effects will make listener attraction in the demonstration document effects but not be an attraction in what your speaking.

Colour Choosing

Chose the right colour for your font, the background is very imortant. A wrong colour collocation will make the listener unable to identify the word in your demonstration document. More serious is bring out photosensitive epilepsy, which seizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in time or space. Use the colour can able to distinguish clearly. Such as dark gray + white, light green + dark green.

Font Choosing

I know there are some font looks very fantastic and beautiful, but those fonts look not easy to read. Choose a base font such as “Times New Roman” or “Arial”; It doesn’t look very fantastic but easy to read for the listener.

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